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Most of us have probably gone through the ordeal of trying to find a lost piece of jewelry and not being able to. For some of us, these accessories can be expensive or simply have sentimental value. It’s not a pleasant feeling to not be able to find your wedding ring or the pendant that you have from your grandmother.

This is where I can come in to help you find your lost jewelry! With over thirty years of experience in metal detecting services, I am the person who can solve this issue for you. Throughout my career, I have been working with archaeologists and the police forces to recover valuable metal items. I am also a member of the Ring Finders database which gathers the best metal detecting experts out there. Pieces of jewelry are possibly the most popular items that people accidentally lose. I know exactly what you’re going through and I can be your solution!



People often lose their keys, whether those are their car, house, or any other kind of keys. This is a serious situation that requires the help of a professional in metal detecting. I am one of the people who have been doing this job for more than three decades and have been certified and prepared by archaeologists.

You do not need to travel anywhere because I will travel to your location with all the necessary tools, including the most advanced metal detectors out there, like the XP Deus model. You can contact me using the information below and browse through my past findings and the happy clients I helped. Remember that you don’t have to give up on your search if you feel like it’s fruitless. Instead, reach out to me. Let’s find your lost items together in the shortest time possible!

  •  I have been Metal Detecting for over 30 years.

  •  Trained and Certified by Archaeologists.

  • I use the best metal detectors tailored to each recovery situation. For most land recoveries, I rely on the XP Deus metal detector.

  • No need to Learn, Rent, or Buy a detector. 

  • No travel. I Come to you with everything.

  • I have worked with Police, Archaeologists, and Museums for recoveries.

  • I am a member of the Ringfinders database.

  • I use an XP Deus metal detector for land recoveries.

  • I have found wedding bands, diamond rings, class rings, key fobs, phones, hearing aids, sprinkler heads, pipes, electrical wires, property stakes, family caches, lost time capsules, 




I proudly offer recovery services throughout Clark County, Nevada, encompassing a wide range of cities and rural areas. My service area includes Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Mesquite, Laughlin, and the rural communities of Indian Springs, Moapa, Overton, Logandale, Searchlight, Sandy Valley, and Goodsprings.


Whether you're in the bustling heart of Las Vegas or the quiet outskirts of Sandy Valley, I'm dedicated to helping you recover your lost items with expertise and efficiency.





PHONE: 773-206-8476

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The History Of Metal Detecting 

This article will give you a brief recall of the history of metal detecting and the benefits of using one. So, If you lose something special, our metal detecting service will help you find it quickly. 


You don't need to buy or rent a metal detector tool anymore. Our metal detectorist can find anything, such as lost keys, jewelry, cellphones, or any other lost item. Call us now!

History Of Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is the process of finding items made from metal via detector tools. For many decades, explorers have used this tool to find buried treasures, such as gold, historical artifacts, and bronze statues.


In 1881, an inventor named Alexander Graham Bell invented the very first metal detector. This year, the county president is James Garfield, who was assassinated by a flying bullet. When Graham Bell learned of the incident, he hurriedly invented a metal detector in an attempt to locate the fatal slug and find a clue.


When Graham Bell died, one inventor continued to improve his metal detector, and that man was Gerhard Fischer. In 1925, Fisher introduced the first portable detector to the world. Fischer's model was first sold in 1931 and was the first most significant producer of metal detectors.


According to the professional at A&S Company, in 1820, Dr Gerhard Fischar was commissioned as the research engineer with two big companies, such as Telegraph Co and Western Air Express. They developed an airborne direction finding tool. Dr. Gerhard Fischar was awarded some of the first patents issued in the airborne field by knowing the means of radio. 


However, not all work was perfect. In the course, he encountered many errors during his career. But Dr Fischar didn't lose hope and solved these problems by applying the solution to an entirely unrelated field: metal and mineral detection.


Fast forward to this year, metal detecting is more famous than it has ever been. Many documentaries and TV shows about finding lost treasures with a pile of gold were born, and many people want to find them badly. 

Benefits Of Metal Detecting

The main benefit of metal detecting is to find treasures and expensive luxuries that people lost. With the help of metal detectors, it can sense any metal-made properties and differentiate it with plastics and non-metal tools.

Find Lost Keys And Jewelries Through Metal Detecting Method

Most people often lose their handy keys and accessories, whether from vehicles, homes, and other kinds of keys. When you lose something important like this, you'll need the help of an expert in metal detecting.


 For some of us, a piece of jewelry and keys can have a sentimental value or are simply expensive. So, it's frustrating if you lose an item that is so important and cannot find it right away.


Luckily, you don't need to worry anymore because we are here to help you find your lost accessory! With over a decade and a half in the business, we can solve this kind of problem for you. 


  • I am certified and trained by professional archeologists.

  • I use the most advanced metal detector for the job.

  • You don't need to rent, learn, or buy an expensive sensor because we're here to help you.

  • You don't need to travel anymore as we will go straight to your location.

  • I have worked before with a professional Archeologist and police to find some recoveries.

  • I am a certified member of the Ringfinders database.

  • I use the newest metal detector, called XP Deus, for land recoveries.

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